Message from the Principals
It is a privilege to serve as the principal of Branson Primary School, a school with a well-deserved and established reputation of service-centered practices that enhance the learning opportunities for all students.
In tandem with our academic programs, we are diligently taking steps to include students in creating a positive community.  Each individual student makes a difference in shaping a healthy learning environment - in classes, the halls, the lunch room, and on the bus.  We’re working with all students to help them develop the skills and attitudes that will facilitate them positively contributing to our school.  We aspire for all students to feel a sense of belonging and to recognize that they influence what happens to and what goes on around them each day. As we strive to promote positive development in all aspects of each student’s life, it is our goal to develop a school community of respect, responsibility, and caring learners who make good choices and decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes. We want to instill within our students a sense of personal pride as well as collective pride and love of and for our school.  Our students make us smile and we are thankful to be an influential part of their lives.  It is a privilege for me, as the Branson Primary Principal, to partner with staff members, students and their families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging, and nurturing school that is full of life, energy, and productivity.
Dr. Michelle Collins
Branson Primary Principal
Each day at Branson Primary School promises new developmentally appropriate academic and social experiences for each student. As the Assistant Principal, I look forward to and am honored to be a part of these experiences for not only our students, but the entire Branson Primary community. We know that the educational and life experiences that our students gain at this time in their lives is crucial to their future successes. With this in mind, we work diligently to not only provide academic experiences based on researched best practices, but also a partnership with student families. It takes a village to raise a child, and we believe that there is a direct correlation between student achievement and a positive school to home relationship. Branson Primary staff and faculty are challenged daily to continue to promote the family atmosphere we strive to maintain with each of our 750 students. Our highly educated teachers and support staff seek out opportunities to connect with individual students, communicate with families, and promote the overall betterment of our own Branson Primary Family. I welcome you to visit our wonderful Branson Primary Family, and know that you too will enjoy your time spent just as I enjoy coming to "work" each and every day.
Shelly Worley
Branson Primary Assistant Principal