Collaboratively providing and adapting developmentally appropriate experiences in a nurturing environment giving student a strong foundation which prepares them to be lifelong learners. 


We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Branson Primary is to develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community.  We envision a school in which staff:

*Fosters the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of each child, through hands on/experiential learning
*Will monitor individual student growth through ongoing assessments. 
*Is dedicated to promoting the success of every student by working together with families

Collective Values

In order to achieve the vision of a school that functions as a professional learning community, Branson Primary has made the following collective commitments:

*We will teach, model, and reinforce the adopted character traits.
*We will create, adapt, and share developmentally appropriate activities in which students will be actively engaged through differentiated instruction.

*We will establish a welcoming environment to encourage communication among school, family, and community. 
*We will assess, document, and communicate ongoing academic and behavioral changes.
*We will work to support the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of all students.


*To prepare students for the next grade
*To improve student achievement
*To provided various opportunities through the year for family involvement